indu meshri

Indu Meshri inducted into college Hall of Fame

Dr. Indurani Dayal Meshri was honored in memoriam and inducted into the Engineering and Natural Sciences Hall of Fame on April 22, 2010.

A pioneering, award-winning woman in her field, Dr. Indu Meshri earned her doctoral degree in geochemistry from the TU Department of Geosciences in 1981. She was the second woman to receive her PhD from the department - a legacy she carried on in her mentorship and encouragement of female scientists around the world.

She had a long and productive research career at Amoco Research Center in Tulsa, serving 22 years as a geochemist. She became one of the world's leading experts in basin modeling, and her research led to numerous patents and the development of 3-D modeling that successfully predicts the permeability and porosity of rocks in oil and gas reservoirs. Her dedication to research, commitment to service and deep love of her family and friends served as a model for a life well lived.

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