Offices, Administration and Services

The University of Tulsa College of Law
3120 East Fourth Place
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104
Phone: 918.631.2401
Fax: 918.631.3126

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Contacting Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Front Office
Martha Cordell, Associate Dean for Student Affairs: 918.631.3990
Sara Faith, Assistant to the Dean of Students: 918.631.3319
Dyan Bramwell, Director of Fiscal Affairs: 918.631.2403
Jen Grantham, Assistant Coordinator for Student & Fiscal Affairs: 918.631.2468

Dean's Office
Janet Levit, Dean & Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair: 918.631.2400
Wendy Buss, Assistant to the Dean: 918.631.2436

Office of External Relations
Heather Palacios, Director of External Relations: 918.631.3320
Michael Campbell, Assoc. Director of Marketing & Communications: 918.631.3706
Elizabeth Burden, Director of Development: 918.631.2462

Office of Admissions
April Fox, Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid: 918.631.2709
Megan Henson, Assistant Director of Admissions: 918.631.3124
Monique Garmy, Admissions Counselor & Diversity Outreach Coordinator: 918.631.5480
Rosemarie Spaulding, Admissions Assistant:  918.631.3163
Janet Johnson, Department Assistant: 918.631.2406

Professional Development Office
Kristine Bridges, Assistant Dean and Director of Professional Development: 918.631.2429
Lauren Donald, Associate Director of Professional Development: 918.631.2890
Mark Peron, Department Assistant: 918.631.2430

Office of Academic Affairs
Lyn Entzeroth, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: 918.631.2574
Marta Swanson, Assistant to the Associate Dean: 918.631.2402
Christy Caves, Assistant Dean & Director of Experiential Learning: 918.631.2421

Faculty Development
Robert Spoo, Associate Dean for Faculty Development: 918.631.2447

Computing Resources
Gina Bradley, Director of Computing Resources:  918.631.5640
Kim Childers, Microcomputer Specialist: 918.631.3402

Mabee Legal Information Center (MLIC)
Main: 918.631.2459
Fax: 918.631.3556
Reference Librarians: 918.631.2460
Circulation Desk: 918.631.2404

Boesche Legal Clinic
Elizabeth McCormick, Clinic Director: 918.631.5799

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