Admitted Students


• Seat Deposits

All admitted students who wish to secure their place in an entering class are required to submit a seat deposit to the law school admissions office by the date given in their acceptance memo.  Seat deposits are not refundable but are applicable toward tuition.  

PAYMENT BY CHECK: Checks should be made payable to The University of Tulsa and mailed to the following:

The University of Tulsa College of Law, Attn:  Office of Admissions, 3120 East Fourth Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma  74104 

PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD:  If you prefer to make your payment using a credit card, you may do so by calling the University Business Office at 918.631.2208 or 918.631.2600.  You may also make payment online at  Please be sure to select “Prospective Student” under “Status.”   “Apply Payment To” should be “Law School Deposit.”
• Enrollment

Students who submit a seat deposit will be e-mailed an invitation to enroll.  This invitation will contain detailed instructions on how to complete the enrollment process.   Enrollment at TU is easy. It is an electronic process that will likely require less than five minutes to complete.   Completion will enable you to immediately print your class schedule. 

NOTE for our Reduced Schedule students:  Admitted students who have expressed interest in enrolling in fewer than 12 hours or part time and who pay their seat deposits are required to first meet with our Associate Dean of Students Affairs, Martha Cordell, before enrolling.  Dean Cordell meets with incoming reduced schedule students to discuss their schedules. To set up an appointment to meet with her please call 918.631.3126.
• Foundations in Legal Study:  Mandatory Orientation

Foundations of Legal Study (FLS) for the entering spring class will start January 7, 2015, at John Rogers Hall.

• First Day of Spring Classes – January 12 


• Suggested Reading List
Please click here for a Suggested Reading List.  Though these readings are not required, they are recommended.  
• Housing
If you intend to submit your seat deposit or have already submitted your deposit and are still in need of a place to live in the Tulsa area, we invite you to check out the following options:

Campus Housing - If you desire to live close to the law school, campus apartments are conveniently located just a couple of blocks away from the law school on Fourth Place. One option, Norman Village, is home for undergraduate, graduate, and law students who wish to live in a quieter environment. To begin the process of letting our housing office know that you wish to live on campus, the first step is to go online and complete the housing/dining license. Admitted students may NOW submit a housing/dining license. To complete the housing agreement, go to, follow the instructions provided indicating your housing location preferences, and submit your license with the required $250 reservation fee/deposit as soon as possible. After submitting this form, you will receive a confirmation email from campus housing with additional information explaining the process of apartment assignment. In April, Housing will contact you again with regard to apartment assignment.

IMPORTANT: To log in to CaneLink and complete your housing agreement, you will need to activate a TU user account and obtain your TU Username. You can activate a TU user account online at You will be required to enter your TU Student ID number and last name to access your TU Username. Your TU student ID number will be mailed to you this week. However, if you would like for our office to provide your ID# to you over the phone, feel free to call 918-631-2406 and be ready to provide either the last four digits of your social security number or your LSAC ID number.

• For more details about Campus Apartments, we encourage you to visit the housing website, email Karen Conoway, or call the main housing number at 918-631-2516.  Please know that individual apartment showings are available by scheduled appointment.


Off Campus Housing -  There are a variety of off campus options available in Tulsa.  Some students wish to rent a house with a yard, others prefer condos, lofts or duplexes.  For those interested in apartment living, please see the below links to assist you in your search.

• Financial Aid
If you are planning to apply for financial aid and have not yet contacted our Student Financial Services Office for assistance, email the Assistant Director of Student Financial Services, Kristi Emerson, or call her at 918.631.3325.  
Also, please note that if you haven’t already done so, you will need to complete the FAFSA at soon as possible. You may access the FAFSA form by going to The University of Tulsa Financial Aid Office website.
ALL financial awards will be based on fulltime enrollment.  If you will not be attending fulltime, please email Kristi Emerson as well as the Law School Office of Admissions.
For more information about financial aid, we strongly encourage you to go here and read a helpful memo prepared by Ms. Emerson.
• Change of Address
As we to draw closer to the beginning of classes, we will continue to forward all important information to admitted applicants using the contact information provided at the time of your application.  It is crucial that we have the most recent and reliable contact information for each of our incoming first year students.  If you have had a change of address, e-mail or phone number, please contact Rosemarie Spaulding at or 918.631.3163 as soon as possible.  

• Transcripts
Please remember that prior to matriculation you must arrange for an official, original copy of your undergraduate transcript (showing degree conferred) to be mailed to the College of Law.  PLEASE NOTE that the transcript included in your CAS report does NOT fulfill this requirement.

Ms. Jen Grantham
University of Tulsa College of Law
3120 E. Fourth Place
Tulsa, OK 74104 

• Books, Parking Permits, Immunization requirements, Student IDs, Class Assignments, Etc.
After enrolling you will receive information from the College of Law Office of Admissions about required textbooks, parking permits, student IDs, immunization requirements, class assignments and other relevant information.