Allison Cosslett Kulikowski, DO

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Allison Cosslett Kulikowski, DO

B.A., Sociology, 1998

B.A., Sociology, 1998; M.H.S., Johns Hopkins, 2001; D.O. University of New England, 2008

Current occupation: Hospitalist, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, ME

Dr. Allison Kulikowski received a Bachelor’s degree from TU in 1998, a Master of Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University in 2001, and a Doctor of Osteopathy from the University of New England in 2008. After completing her undergraduate degree, she served as an AmeriCorps volunteer, working as an HIV/AIDS educator for the National AIDS Fund in Tulsa. Her work at AmeriCorps and her subsequent position as a Public Health Educator for Planned Parenthood sparked her interest in public health and medicine, and led her to her current career as an osteopathic physician.

Allison currently serves as a hospitalist, a position that has evolved in the healthcare world over the last fifteen years, as inpatient and outpatient medical care have become so complex that one physician cannot address both areas. Allison is responsible for the treatment of patients who are admitted to the hospital, and treats everything from heart attack survivors to patients with kidney failure. She feels that studying sociology helped her develop the critical thinking skills to analyze and address the varying needs of each patient she sees.

Furthermore, Allison feels that studying sociology in college helped prepare her for medical school and a successful career as a physician, “I needed to learn to think before I went to medical school. Medical school is about memorizing volumes of information, but the practice and art of medicine require the ability to get the patient on board within a very convoluted health care system in a society that doesn’t always support healthy living.”