Hannah Vogt

Hannah Vogt mc

Hannah Vogt

B.A., Sociology, 2009

Current occupation: Match Support Specialist, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma

As an undergraduate majoring in sociology, Hannah was able to experience everything from conducting community research for a local non-profit, to working for former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor. After graduating, she went on to work for a private adoption agency before finding a position as a Match Support Specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma. Today Hannah spends much of her time collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data and ensuring child safety as she guides the development of relationships between “bigs” and “littles”.

When asked what she enjoyed about majoring in sociology, Hannah found it difficult to pinpoint just one thing. She said that she formed strong bonds with her professors and peers, many of whom she is friends with today. Hannah also sharpened her critical thinking skills, and learned to use language to appropriately describe the interaction between people and the organizational systems, like school systems, they encounter in their daily lives. Hannah uses both of these aptitudes on a daily basis, as she assesses the effects of school and home life on the children under her supervision. As a part of her Senior Project class, Hannah utilized these skills to help evaluate the program structure of CertiRestore, a job training program for formerly incarcerated women.

Ultimately, if Hannah had the opportunity to revisit college, she would choose to major in sociology again. As she puts it, “The skills, relationships, and knowledge are invaluable to me.”