John Weller

John Weller

John Weller, digital marketing, liberal arts, BA, Sony Pictures

B.A., 1999, Musical Theatre

After graduating from TU in 1999 with a bachelor of arts degree, John Weller works today as director of creative strategy for Sony Pictures Imageworks Interactive in Los Angeles.

Weller credits his TU liberal arts education for giving him a launching pad into his career. After graduation, he moved to L.A. to pursue acting but quickly discovered opportunities in public relations and marketing. His PR interests eventually led him to Sony Pictures. He currently manages development of digital marketing campaign concepts and social media communities for blockbuster movies and TV shows.

"A daily part of my job is pitching creative ideas to different audiences with very different business concerns - often with only a few minutes to synthesize information, read my audience and sell an idea in a compelling way," Weller said.

His academic program provided him with a broad-based education, and Weller said being able to draw on that spectrum of knowledge and experience definitely gave him an advantage over someone who has a narrowly focused academic and professional background.

"No matter what direction my career takes, I have a foundational education that will serve me well," he said.