Kathryn Moore

Kathryn Moore mc

Kathryn Moore

B.A. Sociology, 2008

Current degree program: Oklahoma State University, School Psychology Ph. D. Program

Kathryn graduated from TU in 2008, with a double major in Spanish and sociology. She went on to work as a Match Support Specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma, where she was eventually given the opportunity to supervise the matches at Kendall-Whittier Elementary School. Kendall-Whittier has the largest number of matches in the BBBS Tulsa program, and has the largest number of Hispanic students in the program, which meant that Kathryn was able to utilize her bilingual skills. Addressing the needs of the students and helping them overcome difficulties in their lives sparked Kathryn’s interest in school psychology.

While at TU, Kathryn had an internship through Resonance Center for Women, Inc., where she worked as a program intern for the Girls Unlimited program. The program was aimed at educating young girls, aged 8-16, about resources and opportunities available to them. The girls were often the children of incarcerated parents, and considered “at-risk”. Kathryn feels that this internship helped her choose a career path, as she has continued to work with at-risk children and adolescents.

Kathryn’s current degree program caters to individuals who seek to become school psychologists to help facilitate the healthy functioning of children and youth with a wide range of educational, social, and mental health needs. Kathryn attributes her success in graduate school to the education she received as a sociology student at TU. In addition to training her “how to think”, studying sociology has led her to “feel extremely competent and knowledgeable in graduate school.”

Kathryn enjoyed majoring in sociology because of the breadth of career opportunities that were available to her, and the challenging conversations she was able to engage in with her classmates. She says that, “The diverse course offerings provided exposure to an array of areas that I found extremely important and meaningful. Additionally, the sociology professors were tremendously helpful. They were available and present, and I find that I personally benefitted from their guidance and encouragement throughout my undergraduate career.”