Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson

Class of '12

Lauren Robertson earned her doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology from TU in the spring of 2012. She currently works as a professional services consultant at SHL, a global talent assessment firm, in Minneapolis, Minn.

A native of Lakewood, Colo., Robertson also earned her bachelor’s in psychology and her master’s in industrial/organizational psychology from TU. As a student, she said an introductory class her sophomore year of college attracted her to a profession in I/O psychology.

“A significant part of almost every individual’s life is spent working within an organization,” Robertson said. “I enjoy applying knowledge rooted in research to the workplace and helping both organizations and employees.”

Robertson said she enjoys the variety of projects and clients she works with in her job as well as the problem solving it requires. Each client challenges her to find solutions on a daily basis.

“It is rewarding to work with clients to figure out all the moving pieces and then figure out what assessment solution and process will best fit their needs and business constraints,” she said. “It’s also rewarding to know I’m applying the knowledge I gained while earning my PhD.”

The TU education Robertson received allows her to serve as an expert adviser to clients, providing her with the appropriate training to develop and execute employee selection and development programs. Thanks to her graduate program, she was exposed to the core aspects of her industry and built professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

“My education provided a sense of community and helped me make connections with peers and faculty that are important to my career,” she said.

Robertson is working toward becoming a senior consultant and in the future hopes to own a consulting firm, where she can continue to engage with clients and address their needs.