Sarah Hummel

Sarah Hummel mc

Sarah Hummel

B.A. Sociology, 2007, J.D., 2010

Current occupation: Council Aide, Tulsa City Council

Sarah Hummel received her Bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2007, and immediately went on to earn a law degree from the University of Tulsa in 2010. After completing her law degree, she served as the Chief Compliance Officer and General In-House Counsel for an oil and gas drilling company before moving on to a position at the Tulsa City Council. Driven by her passion for public service, and a desire to be more involved in shaping the future of her city and state, Sarah accepted a position as a Council Aide. Today she serves as the primary research assistant, policy advisor, and spokesperson for two local lawmakers.

Sarah credits her sociology professors with helping her pursue her burgeoning interest in the legal system. “In one of my sociology courses, we discussed the penal/correctional system. I became fascinated by it. I mentioned this to the sociology professors and within weeks they had helped me obtain an internship with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. This internship led me to law school.”

For students who are considering majoring in sociology, Sarah has a piece of advice, “I firmly believe that you have to understand people to be successful. My sociology courses taught me about people and society. This understanding is a critical key to success.”