Sarah Terry-Cobo

Sarah Terry-Cobo

Sarah Terry-Cobo

Class of '06

When University of Tulsa alumna Sarah Terry-Cobo was looking at colleges, she based her final decision on an interest in environmental science and the interdisciplinary program that TU offered. Her ultimate goal was to attend the University of California Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and work as an environmental and science reporter.

“I felt that if I was going to cover environmental science and policy, it was important to understand the basics of science and how policy was made,” Terry-Cobo said.

After earning a bachelor’s in environmental policy in 2006, she followed her ambitions to graduate school at UC Berkeley. While completing her coursework, Terry-Cobo took advantage of every job opportunity she could find, interning at, an online-only business publication covering the “greening” of mainstream business. She covered clean technology for and reported on immigration issues and the Latino community for The Oakland Tribune.

Today, Terry-Cobo works as an energy reporter for The Journal Record in Oklahoma City. She covers all sectors of the energy industry including oil and gas, wind and utilities along with health care, aerospace and defense. Terry-Cobo said her TU experience prepared her for graduate school as well as her career.

“I learned how to study, take notes, be prepared and conduct rational and thoughtful discussion among classmates,” she said. “The foundation I learned in economics, chemistry, geology and biology guides me daily as I cover the oil and gas industry.”

Terry-Cobo learned valuable lessons from her mentors and participated in several extra-curricular activities on campus such as The United Campus Ministries and TU’s chapter of Amnesty International. Her involvement contributed to a rich and fulfilled TU experience.

“I have a strong appreciation of the relationships I built then, and I continue to cherish and nurture many of those friendships to this day,” she said.