Shane Hill

Shane Hill mc

Shane Hill

B.A. Sociology, 2011

Current degree program: Juris Doctorate, University of Oklahoma College of Law

Shane Hill is currently studying law at the University of Oklahoma. He was drawn to law school because he believes that practicing law will allow him to make a difference in the world. He says that studying sociology as an undergraduate helped prepare him for law school by helping him develop a critical, inquiring mind. He says that, “This sort of worldview and mindset helped when switching over to legal methods of analysis and helped me be more receptive to the manner in which law school is taught.”

As an undergraduate, Shane participated in a senior capstone course research project for the Gilcrease Museum. He and his classmates designed and carried out a survey, wrote a report and gave a presentation to the senior staff at Gilcrease to help the museum better understand its visitors. Shane was able to continue this research in his last semester at TU as a part of an independent study.

Shane enjoyed his time as a sociology major because of the passion that the sociology faculty have for teaching. He says that the sociology faculty, “truly care about their students and their students' success.”