Steve Liggett

Steve Liggett

Steve Liggett

Class of '77

After earning a Master of Arts degree in 1977, Steve Liggett began working as resident artist for the Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department. Four years later, his career aspirations led him to Tulsa’s Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture where he served as director for six years.

With an extensive background teaching in both private and public Tulsa schools, Liggett next assumed the role of artistic director for Living Arts of Tulsa in 1993. The longest standing contemporary arts organization in Oklahoma, Living Arts of Tulsa was founded by TU instructors and students in the late 1960s to develop contemporary art forms in Tulsa.

Under Liggett’s leadership, Living Arts of Tulsa has expanded from one small educational program to twelve, supporting hundreds of artists in a variety of genres. In 2009, Liggett oversaw the relocation of the organization to the Brady Arts District, where it continues to develop educational opportunities in art.

“Professors Chuck Tomlins and Virginia Myers, two founders of Living Arts, and Professor Tom Manhart influenced me in ways that led to my current position,” Liggett said. “Their focus on the concept of the artwork and experimentation coupled with craftsmanship has been my guiding light.”

In addition to nurturing other artists, Liggett continues to create his own award-winning designs in ceramics and performance/video/installation art.

“Art is essential to the full development of each person,” Liggett said. “Supporting local artists as well as bringing some of the world’s cutting-edge artists to Tulsa creates a richer community enhanced by artistic expression.”