Tyler Orff

Tyler Orf

Tyler Orf

Class of '08

Everyone looks for something special in a college. Some want challenging classes; others want lots of extracurricular activities. Most want a combination of learning and fun that eventually leads to graduation and good job prospects.

For Tyler Orf, that "something" special had to include good intramural sports (he's an avid lacrosse player), the ability to form close relationships with teachers, and broad career options.

Tyler first heard about The University of Tulsa from his high school counselors, and it piqued his curiosity.

What cinched TU for the St. Louis native was the realization that he'd get to do all the things he wanted to in an environment that is very open and friendly.

"I chose TU for a lot of reasons," Tyler says, "but mainly because it is so comfortable here. I actually talked to the head of the Honors Program; not an administrative assistant or a secretary, but the person over the program."

Then, when Tyler came to campus for a visit, he was given a tour by the chairman of the English Department.

"I'd had close relationships with my high school teachers, and I knew from the beginning that I could have the same kind of rapport with faculty here," he says.

As a double major — English and history — Tyler kept his career options open. When he first came to campus, he was considering a career in public relations or possibly law.

However, he says he never considered himself much of a "desk job person." During the summer, Tyler coached the lacrosse team at his high school — a good "non-desk job" that opened is interest in mentoring others.

Tyler has found that holding an office in his fraternity aligned with another interest in legal issues.

"As president of my fraternity, I got to learn 'everything you ever want to know' about contracts," he said.

As an ambassador for TU, Tyler practiced hands-on public relations — talking to high school students and their parents about the university he now calls alma mater.