Jenny Ormsby

Jenny Ormsby

Jenny Ormsby

Class of '08

For a girl with a fear of needles, being a nurse was not at the top of her list of possible career choices.

But Jenny Ormsby's desire to care for people was so strong that in her second semester at TU, she decided to conquer her fear and enroll in TU's School of Nursing.

"It's been very challenging, but it's been a good challenge," Ormsby said. "This is something I really enjoy."

Because TU's School of Nursing program is designed to immediately apply classroom lectures with real world clinical experiences, giving shots isn't the only area in which Ormsby has gained confidence. She feels prepared for the situations that arise in her clinical settings because she's not trying to recall information taught a year ago.

"The School of Nursing program is set up to foster confidence," Ormsby said. "I feel the way the clinicals are set up to correlate with the lectures gives us a lot more confidence when we're on site."

Thus far, Ormsby has had clinical experience in a hospital obstetrics department, the medical surgery ward of a hospital and a community hospice.

Through these experiences Ormsby has found an area of focus–pediatrics.