Yousef Al-Amoudi

Yousef Al Ahmoudi

Yousef Al-Ahmoudi

B.S.M.E. 2007, Mechanical Engineering

If you ask Yousef Al-Amoudi, he will tell you that one of the best things about TU is experiencing the real-world application of a classroom theory. Al-Amoudi, who transferred to TU from a larger state school recalls: “The difference between TU and the school I was attending was immediately apparent. At my former school, there was only theory, mathematical formulae, without any relationship to the real world. My TU classes were much smaller, and included theory and practical application. My professor [Francis Manning] made fluid mechanics practical — something useful.”

Al-Amoudi notes that TU allows undergraduates to work in labs and on real-life projects. Although he did not work as an intern, his senior project involved reducing the vibration that a leaf blower makes. For practical purposes, his modification of a standard leaf blower has an immediate impact on the well-being of the user, taking the stress of the vibration from the user’s back.

The connection between theory and practical is imminently important to Al-Amoudi now. He works in Shaybah, the 250,000 square miles of desert that comprise the “Empty Quarter” of Saudi Arabia and the site of vast oil reserves (estimated at 200 billion barrels) of Arabian extra light crude. Al-Amoudi works in this remote area of red sand mountains and canyons as a rotating equipment engineer for Saudi Aramco.

Since joining Saudi Aramco in November 2008, Al-Amoudi has put his ability to translate theory to practice to good use.

“My responsibility is to track equipment condition and provide support to achieve best-in-class reliability targets in a safe and economic mode per engineering standards,” he notes. “I have improved the way we do our daily operation of condition monitoring of machinery vibration by inventing a new system, and it was approved by my management.”

Al-Amoudi’s five-year goals are straightforward: “to move to higher position in my company and be one of the best Mechanical Engineers with solid experience.”