Fahed Al-Rawaf


Fahed Al-Rawaf

J.D. '07

Fahed Al-Rawaf is from Saudi Arabia, and was raised in Damascus, Syria.

After finishing high school overseas, he attended the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville, where he majored in International Business with an emphasis in Finance.

While in law school he was Articles Editor at the Tulsa Journal of Comparative and International Law, President of the International Law Student Association in 2006-2007, Secretary of the Hispanic Law Student Association in Fall 2007, Editor and Opinion Writer for Dicta, TU Law’s newspaper Fall 2005 to Fall 2007 and a legal Intern at the Boesche Legal Clinic’s Immigrants Rights Project- Fall 2007.

He decided to attend TU Law because his brother is a TU Law graduate, and encouraged him to attend TU. He visited the campus, and really liked the atmosphere at the law school, especially the interaction between students and professors. He was also drawn to TU Law because of its program in International Law. Regionally speaking, TU Law offers more courses in International law, has a Law Journal specifically dedicated to International Law, and you can have the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, China or Latin America! Also, Professors teaching in the field of international law are national experts. And, nationally speaking, TU Law has one of the best programs in Energy Law and Native American Law. He took all these factors into consideration when applying, and is very glad made the decision of attending TU Law.