Luis Flores


Luis Flores

J.D. '07

Luis is originally from Mexico City, Mexico.  Graduated from The University of Tulsa where he studied accounting and business management. 

While at law school he was actively involved in the Immigrant Rights Project at the Boesche Legal Clinic and has also recently become extremely involved in bringing back to the law school the Hispanic Law Student Assoc. which has been inactive on campus for a couple of years.

He decided to go to law school at TU because of the sense of community which he has always felt on this campus. TU provides a student with all the possibilities available to help the student succeed. He strongly feels that every person in the faculty, staff, and administration would go above and beyond to accommodate the student body. He wouldn't change his experience at the University of Tulsa college of Law for anything in the world. He feels very prepared not only for the bar exam but also for his future career as an attorney.