Lesley Robinson

Lesley Robinson

Lesley Jacobs-Robinson


Everyone is somehow affected by study abroad, but few choose to dedicate their lives to it. Lesley Jacobs Robinson has been working in global education ever since she left TU.

When she was in high school, Lesley visited her brother while he was studying abroad in Oxford, England. She knew then that she wanted to do the same. Lesley has described herself as the “CGE’s best customer”. During her time at TU, she went abroad three times- a semester in Amiens, France, one summer in Quebec, Canada and another in Granada, Spain.
After graduation, Lesley took a job at the CGE working as an International Programs Coordinator and Study Abroad Advisor. Her time at the CGE nurtured her passion for international education. In 2008, she moved to Philadelphia to pursue a M.S. in International & Global Education at Drexel University. She didn’t stay there for long before she was off globe trekking again. Lesley was accepted into the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program where she spent a year in Takasaki teaching English to hundreds of high school students. After she returned to the States, she began working in international volunteering programs, first with a small grass-roots organization, then with Cross-Cultural Solutions. CCS is a non-profit organization that has sent over 27,000 volunteers to work all around the world. Lesley even volunteered with CCS three times- in Costa Rica, Peru and Ghana.

Today, when she isn’t traveling, Lesley works at Princeton University in the Davis International Center as the International Student Program Coordinator. She likes to think that her global education experience has truly come “full-circle”, and it all started right here at the CGE.