Ellen and Steve Adelson

Judging by their enthusiasm for The University of Tulsa, you would never guess that Ellen and Steve Adelson aren't TU alumni. Although Cornell University claims that honor, Ellen, Steve and other Adelson family members have adopted TU, giving generously to meet needs and advance priorities at their hometown university.

Among her other acts of service, Ellen's enthusiasm for TU has led her to found the vital affinity groups McFarlin Fellows and TURC Fellows and to serve on the Board of Trustees.

Most recently, the couple provided funding for the Herbert and Roseline Gussman Concert Hall in the Lorton Performance Center - an act that helps move TU's performing arts into a new era while honoring her parents and the values they taught.

"I was raised in a home where, if you have $3, you are fortunate to have it and need to give something back," she says.

TU gives back to the community as well, she notes, in many ways that include public lectures, plays and events. By investing in TU's arts programs, the Adelsons believe they are helping the university contribute to the quality of life in Tulsa.

"When you have the opportunity to live in a community with an educational institution, you are extremely fortunate on many levels," she said. "You should support it; it's an investment that you get back a hundred times."