Patty and Joe Ashlock

When Joe Ashlock contacted the university about contributing to the scholarship fund, he had an unusual request: he and his wife, Patty (BA '50), wanted scholarships for students without perfect grades.

"I think C students rule the world," the 87-year-old Ashlock said from his Anchorage, Alaska home. "It's important to help them get a few years of college first."

Joe is a 1943 graduate of Tulsa's Central High School and, although he earned 142 hours of college credit, he began his oil industry career before he could finish his degree. The Ashlocks moved to Alaska in 1970, when Joe's company won a contract to help build the Alaskan Pipeline.

Despite leaving Tulsa after college, both Ashlocks still have great affection for their alma mater and have been impressed by its growth and impact.

"Education is important," Ashlock said. "This is a great cause."