Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis

As Tulsans since 1954, Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis and her late husband, Dr. Lester Nienhuis, supported TU in nearly every way - from buying season tickets to sporting events, to donations to the women's rowing teams to a Presidential Scholarship Endowment Fund. "We have such an affinity with TU," she says. "We knew it was really a growing, important school, and it's our home."

Evelyn grew up in a giving household. Her father, an important Houston attorney and businessman, used his good fortune to donate to many causes, but primarily educational causes including two buildings at Rice University that carry the family name. "He would be for anything that would forward education," Evelyn notes.

When the university asked if she would be interested in supporting the proposed electrical engineering and computer sciences facility, Evelyn, with her husband's encouragement, made the generous lead gift for J. Newton Rayzor Hall, in honor and memory of her father. TU's nationally recognized and highly regarded cybersecurity program that is part of the computer sciences curriculum would have intrigued her father "because he was a visionary, and this program is on the cutting edge of education."

Thanks to Evelyn's generosity, her family's name and educational legacy will anchor new advancements that will shape the world in which we live.