Wayne Rumley

Wayne Rumley

Hard work and tenacity are two attributes that define Wayne Rumley (BS '60), and he credits TU for providing the foundation for his success.

A 2004 inductee into TU's Engineering and Natural Sciences Hall of Fame, Rumley serves as President and Chief Process Engineer for R&R Engineering, a Tulsa-based manufacturer of heat exchangers. Just as he built his business, he is building opportunities for TU students. He helped establish the W.L. Nelson Chemical Engineering Alumni Scholarship Fund to honor the professor who shaped his future at TU and beyond.

As a student who held down a full-time job, Rumley knew firsthand the hardships of balancing both work and school, which is why he established another scholarship for chemical engineering students whose financial situation requires them to work through school.

Rumley also has established a scholarship for students who wish to serve people with disabilities as a tribute to one of his sons who has a disability and his son's mother, the late Barbara Joan Rumley, who was an advocate for the disabled.