Joseph Bradley


Dr. Joseph Bradley

Professor of History



In June, 2010,  Dr. Joseph Bradley lectured at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow on his most recent book, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS IN TSARIST RUSSIA: SCIENCE, PATRIOTISM AND CIVIL SOCIETY. A summary of the lecture can be found at  The book will be translated into Russian and published in Moscow by Novyi Khronograf.

Dr. Bradley's research focus is on the processes of social and cultural change and the interaction between the state and society in tsarist Russia. Hist first two books studied the strains on urban infrastructure posed by massive peasant immigration as well as government efforts to transform the Russian small arms industry. His third book examined the role of voluntary associations in the development of civil society in imperial Russia. Using some of Russia’s most prominent learned societies as case studies, he analyzed the ways in which educated Russians took initiative, formed a public, and broke down the sense of isolation inherent in authoritarian regimes. This study of associations allows us to examine afresh the relationship between state and society and to understand the process by which subjects were becoming citizens. 

Dr. Bradley has had extensive experience living and working in Russia and the former Soviet Union, including a stint as an editor in a Moscow publishing house. This experience has helped him to teach, in the 1980s, a popular class titled “The Soviet Union Today.” Beginning in the 1990s, Dr. Bradley has returned to Russia almost every summer to continue research and keep up with current developments.