Barbara Martin

Barbara Martin

Barbara Martin

Clinical Professor of Nursing

Barbara Martin has made a significant contribution to nursing education and the general nursing community with her presentations and authoring of educational nursing products.

In 1984, Professor Martin was recruited to join Sandra Smith's National Nursing Review faculty. Throughout the following ten years she travelled nationally, presenting over five dozen refresher courses for graduates preparing for the RN licensure examination. This exposure soon led to invitations to contribute to a variety of nursing educational materials.

In 1990, Martin authored Normal and Abnormal Heart Sounds (text with audio tape) that was used by nursing programs as well as medical educational programs. That same year, she contributed a chapter on administering intravenous medications to the Donna Smith et al national award winning text: Comprehensive Child and Family Nursing Skills. Since 1992, Professor Martin has contributed to more than three dozen nursing texts and has written over a dozen audio/visual programs for nursing education.

Her collaboration with the Sandra Smith Review evolved into her contributions to the Smith Content Review for NCLEX-RN text and co-authoring of the Smith, Duell and Martin, Clinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Advanced text with editions published in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008. This collaboration also produced 2002's Photo Guide of Nursing Skills.  The Clinical Nursing Skills text and the Photo Guide have been translated into Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Korean which attests to their versatility and relevance for nursing practice. In 2009, the Clinical Nursing Skills text will be released in a version readable via PDA formats.

Professor Martin is enthusiastic about teaching nursing. She presents theoretical content in a way that facilitates a sophomore student's tracking and application of previous knowledge into complex concepts at the senior level. Students comment that her ability to help them retrieve knowledge and build new insights makes them aware of and appreciate their own growth. Martin's content tends to be challenging, but she is famous among her students for injecting humor, employing metaphor, creating allegorical analogy, friendly mnemonics, and presenting colorful Power Point slides accented with sound effects and animation. As her students have commented, "She makes tough stuff fun!" Or .." I know I'll never forget that!"

Clinically, Martin creates learning opportunities that mirror the content students concurrently learn in their theory classes. Carefully planned conferences and patient care assignments provide students with real life experiences that broaden the usefulness of learning by promoting comprehension that has meaning, and is rewarding. Professor Martin received the esteemed University of Tulsa Distinguished Teaching Award in 1986.

Professor Martin was instrumental in the development of the School of Nursing's "simple to complex" integrated curriculum and use of the Roy Model of Nursing (1979). This flexible curriculum serves us well as it allows updates to accommodate new medical and nursing developments and has continued to maintain alignment with requirements for ongoing accreditation by the BSN program's sanctioning bodies.