Jan Drummond

jan drummond

Jan L. Drummond

Associate Professor of Athletic Training

The Exercise and Sports Science (ExSS) program at The University of Tulsa (TU) prepares students to work with the physically active population. Traditionally, graduates from this program have been employed in both fitness and clinical (rehabilitative) settings. Associate Professor of Athletic Training Jan Drummond has created a new opportunity for ExSS students. In conjunction with the TU School of Education, the ExSS program now offers a Teacher Certification emphasis for those students with a passion for teaching physical education.

“Now is a prime time for students to gear their program curriculum toward physical education teaching,” said Drummond. “With the degree of overweight and obesity and their related health issues, this problem needs to be addressed through quality physical education programs in the schools.” “We can’t completely rely on the home environment as a source of healthy lifestyle education or role-modeling.”

Professor Drummond’s expertise in curriculum development and management is what brought her to TU. “We have created a quality Teacher Certification program and our students graduate from TU possessing the competency and skills necessary to build quality physical education programs.”

Professor Drummond’s research interests are somewhat varied and include fitness perceptions, role-modeling, and gender issues in athletic training. “I am currently looking at supplemental methods for teaching physical education; methods that can grab the attention of students and motivate them to be physically active outside of the school setting. Some of these supplemental methods of teaching look promising. Staying on top of what’s new in teaching is challenging, but we work hard to implement as many new ideas into our Teacher Certification program as possible.”