Daniel Crunkleton

Daniel Crunkleton

Daniel Crunkleton

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Daniel Crunkleton is an associate professor of chemical at the University of Tulsa and is the director of the university’s Institute of Alternative Energy.

Crunkleton’s research interests center around the development of alternative energy and fuels, specifically the production of gasoline from algae.

He currently works with Sapphire Energy in producing gasoline from "green crude," a crude oil equivalent derived from algae via renewable processes. The promising technology includes a patent-pending refining process developed at TU by Crunkleton and Dr. Geoffrey Price.

"Algae can grow almost anywhere. The exciting thing about this project is that we aren't using any cropland to produce the algae, and the process can use non-potable water and non-arable land," he said.

The type of fuel Crunkleton works on is compatible with the existing petroleum infrastructure. It has been used successfully in several test flights with the commercial airlines Continental and JAL.

In addition to his research, he has co-advised student competitions to design, model, and manufacture the next-generation of hybrid-electric vehicles.