Lincoln Lim

Lincoln Lim

Lincoln Lim Kean Aik

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

Lincoln chose to attend TU for his doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology because of the professional and personal relationships he was able to develop with the faculty and his fellow students. He finds that TU's faculty are dedicated to ensuring that students receive the best education, training, and supervision needed to become competent clinical psychologists. Also, faculty are supportive and concerned about students' physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

"Finally", Lincoln notes, "friendships formed at TU are priceless. Friends who challenge each other. Friends who are there during ups and downs. Friends that will remain friends for life. These are the reasons I chose TU."

Integrating Research and Practice
At TU, clinical psychology students have the opportunity to study with nationally and internationally recognized faculty who are not only experts in their respective fields, but also truly committed to teaching. When combined with the department's focus on integrating research with practical applications, Lincoln has the best of both possible worlds. Being educated in the scientific principles of psychological research allows Lincoln to further his understanding of important subjects, while making him an informed critical observer during the evaluation and treatment of various psychological disorders.

Plans after TU
Lincoln has varied research interests that include the relationships between personality and attitudes towards mental illness and psychotherapy, the effects of negative stereotype exposure towards Native Americans, and genetic contributions to personality and memory functioning. He currently hopes to find employment in a hospital as a neuropsychologist, but admits that he still has much to learn and experience.