Jenny Fry

Jenny Fry

Jenny Fry

Class of 2011, Art History/Arts Management

The academic buzzword "cross-pollination" sounds good in theory, but where's the anecdotal evidence that it really happens?

Look no further that the budding partnership between TU's Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences and Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum, home of the world's largest, most comprehensive collection of art and artifacts of the American West.

Less than six months into the public/private venture and students from the College are already driving a few miles down the road to take advantage of the Museum's extensive resources through internships.

Jenny Fry, an art history/arts management sophomore, is earning class credit by spending two days a week at the Museum developing visitors' guides for an upcoming exhibit on Cheyenne and Arapaho ledger drawings from a military camp.

"I wanted the opportunity to actually work in a Museum," said Fry, who was amazed at the contents at Gilcrease. "They have a huge library of artifacts that I had no idea about. The archives are filled floor to ceiling with artifacts and only a small percentage of them are on display in the Museum."

Fry, who hopes to land a job as a Museum curator after graduation, is considering participating in another internship at the Museum next semester. Internships are offered in education, curatorship and marketing.

But internships are just beginning. TU and Gilcrease are teaming up on a number of initiatives, including summer fellowships, various graduate study programs and the development of interdisciplinary Museum science and management graduate degree.