Haden Snyder

Hayden Snyder

Haden Snyder

MBA Student

A program unique to the Collins College of Business and a strong focus on undergraduate study is what brought Haden Snyder (BS '06) to TU.

Snyder looked at several universities, but only TU offered an International Business and Language program that would allow him to earn a degree equivalent to a double major in business and German. He minored in sociology and philosophy.

"No one had a program like this," Snyder said. "I wanted a double major with equal emphasis on business and language that I could complete in four years."

In the program, Snyder was given the opportunity to experience a whole new world by spending seven months in Germany where he attended classes at a German university and interned at a German company.

"Living in Germany was unbelievable," Snyder said. "It was also one of the best times of my life." In addition to studying and working abroad for seven months, Snyder also served as president of the Sigma Chi fraternity, was a University Ambassador and played on the varsity soccer team.

He credits the University's values for his experiences. "TU's greatest benefit is the direct focus on your education," he said. "You are the focus."

When Snyder decided an MBA was his next step, he knew he wanted to continue his education at a place that would take a personal stake in his success.

"The faculty cares if you learn the material and ensures that you get what you want out of your education," he said. Snyder received a 2007 Fulbright grant to teach English language and conversation to high school students in Germany during the 2007-08 academic year. The grant covers roundtrip airfare, living expenses, medical insurance and other related costs.