Jordan Albert

Jordan Albert

Jordan Albert

Class of 2015

When University of Tulsa sophomore Jordan Albert became interested in politics last year, he decided to do some research and talk to someone serving in public office. He scheduled a meeting with State Treasurer Ken Miller, a former state representative and tenured economics professor at Oklahoma Christian University.

“I was so impressed with his accomplishments,” Albert said. “I just wanted to talk to him and get his story.”

Albert hoped the treasurer would spare 15 minutes for a quick chat, but Miller surpassed his expectations. After meeting with Miller for two hours, Albert was given a tour of the state capitol and best of all, offered a summer internship.

For eight weeks this summer, Albert worked alongside the state treasurer, learning the ins and outs of public office. Every morning, the 19-year-old met with Miller to brief him on all state, national and international financial news. From a desk just outside Miller’s office, Albert worked on several major projects including researching other state pension systems and state collateral requirements. He also compiled a list of the treasurer’s board and committee involvement and researched the legal operations of the treasurer’s office.

“I didn’t expect to work as closely with Treasurer Miller as I did,” Albert said. “It was interesting finally to be put into a real role instead of just reading a text book.”

While interning four days a week at the state capitol, Albert increased his industry exposure with a second internship in Tulsa at Securian Financial Group. Every Monday, he attended informative sessions and learned about the company’s daily functions.

“I definitely think my summer internships will help me out with whatever I decide to do,” he said. “Next year, I’d like to work in the private sector, and I’ve already got one interview lined up for that.”

Albert, a Tulsa native, is a triple major in finance, accounting and economics.