Rosmer Brito

graduate student profile

Rosmer Brito

Ph.D. Student, Petroleum Engineering

From the time she began studying Petroleum Engineering at La Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela, Rosmer strove for excellence. Her hard work paid off when she was hired to work for Petroregional del Lago as a Production Technologist, but Rosmer knew only a graduate degree would advance her professional goals. In pursuit of these goals, Rosmer applied for and received sponsorship from the Fulbright Foreign Student Program in 2010. The Fulbright program gives graduate students from abroad an opportunity to research and study in the United States courtesy of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

After receiving the Fulbright grant, Rosmer chose to come to TU for her graduate studies in petroleum engineering. "TU is recognized as one of the best universities for students in Petroleum Engineering," Rosmer explains. "I was working as a Production Technologist in a joint venture between our National Oil Company (PDVSA) and Shell E&P in Venezuela and was really interested in focus- ing my studies at TU in the production area."

Consortia collaborations

The combination of her professional experience in production engineering and excel- lent academic background gave Rosmer the opportunity to work on one of TU's joint industry research projects, Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP). Her master's degree research focused on the effect of medium oil viscosity in two phase (oil-gas) flow behavior for horizontal pipes. The problems involved in the production and transportation of multiphase fluids for petroleum industry worldwide are the primary concern for TUFFP and Rosmer's research offers significant improvements to industry systems and procedures. She will continue to expand on this area of research for her doctoral studies and remains an important member of the TUFFP research group.

Industrial advancements

Rosmer has always understood that the petroleum industry requires highly qualified staff worldwide, but her first priority has been to her native country of Venezuela. Following the completion of her graduate studies, Rosmer plans to return home and help to improve oil production to assist with economic growth and national fiscal security. She might also like to pass on her knowledge to other up-and-coming engineers by working as a professor for one of Venezuela's national universities. This combination of industrial experience with academic research will make Rosmer a force to be reckoned with in the petroleum industry.