Zach Winkler

zach winkler

Zach Winkler

Class of 2011

Zach Winkler, a biochemistry major from Colorado Springs, Colo., has used his experience in undergraduate research and service learning to win a 2010 Goldwater Scholarship, the premier award for recognizing students pursuing careers in science, mathematics and engineering.

Zach participated in the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC), where faculty mentors and internal funding fueled his research. His extensive undergraduate research experience, starting from his freshman year, has positioned him well to enter graduate school, and he plans to pursue a doctoral degree in disease treatment.

He conducted research in gold nanoparticles, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and antiviral therapies. His work in understanding interactions of the drug used to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease has led him to present his original research findings at American Chemical Society meetings in 2009 and 2010. His latest findings will be submitted to the academic journal, “Biochemical Pharmacology.”

Zach also volunteers at the University of Oklahoma Family Health Center, a free clinic for the uninsured. His time working with patients suffering from chronic diseases has inspired him to pursue his Ph.D. in toxicology and a career at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.