Ivan Orndorff


Ivan Orndorff

J.D. '10

Ivan was born in Tulsa, grew up in Inola and Tulsa. Graduated from TU in undergrad and has a master's from OU.

He is currently the President of the LGBT/ Straight Alliance. He is also a member of the newly formed PAW LAW organization, which is an
animal rights advocacy group. Aside from student organizations, he is a volunteer mediator for the City of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma in the Early Settlement program. He is also working with mayor Kathy Taylor on arranging a "community service" challenge to encourage
individual students and student organizations to become more involved in community service opportunities.

He is always discovering new reasons why he likes TU Law. Initially he liked TU because it is conveniently close to home and also because
the size and culture of the school is conducive to his learning style.  The class sizes are great and the professors really encourage each
individual student to succeed.

After settling in and becoming involved with the student community he has discovered that our student body is wonderfully diverse. He is
very proud of his peers for their open-mindedness and willingness to understand and share in issues which they might previously have not
been interested in or thought did not affect them. This has been especially true in his dealing with the LGBT/Straight Alliance; "I have
seen our membership increase exponentially just in the last year. I don't necessarily attribute this to myself or our other officers, but
really to our members who are representative of our student body. They appreciate the importance of challenging stereotypes and stigma and
are motivated to advocate for individuals' rights, regardless of who that individual may be. These qualities are far too uncommon, but
enrich our community, reflect positively on our school and community, and give us all one more reason to be proud to affiliate with TU Law."