Ulysses Vargas


Ulysses Vargas

J.D. '10

Ulysses was born and raised in Denver CO where he attended the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

He is the President of the Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA) here at TU; he is also a member of the American Dream Coalition. He also tries to volunteer throughout the year with the American Dream Coalition, with different events including the Hispanic Festival here in Tulsa and help register people to vote during our many voter drives.

"There are many things I think are great about TU for example all the professors are great I enjoy being in class and it is apparent that professors enjoy it also, it comes across with their energy joy of teaching. The Faculty is the best I have every come across they are here to help students and it shows, any help I have needed or issues I have come across the faculty has been more than happy to help me and they are the friendliest group I have had the pleasure of interacting with. The students here at TU are wonderful and diverse, we come from many different parts of the country, this makes my experience here at TU a positive one and helps me attain my goal of becoming an attorney in a positive supportive environment with people after the same goal."