Corey Hardegree

Corey in Southeast Asia

Corey Hardegree

Class of 2014

The University of Tulsa recently joined the Global E3 exchange program, a network of international universities that send engineering students abroad. The very first TU student to go abroad with Global E3 was Corey Hardegree. Though the program has many options in very "western" nations (the UK, Australia, and western Europe), Corey’s sense of adventure drew him to a more exotic destination- Malaysia. He was able to take petroleum engineering classes at the local Universiti Teknologi Petronas while taking the weekends to explore his new surroundings. “The classes I took were essential engineering and business classes, and I stayed on track for graduation. Also, I witnessed firsthand how a nationalized oil company interacts with the people and the government. For example, the goverment has moved to Putrajaya, just outside the capital to a ten year old city, built by Petronas, who charges rent to the government. I found this interaction intriguing” explained Corey.

Over the course of four months, Corey ran into monkeys on campus, tried his hand at fire breathing, crashed a Malay wedding ceremony, scuba dived off the Perhentian Islands, cooked Thai food in Bangkok, and rode elephants.

"Studying abroad is about creating your own experiences," said Corey. He encouraged other students and his fellow engineers to "Take the leap- study abroad, and you’ll come back better for it."
Corey plans to graduate from TU with a degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2014.