Sinead Higgins

Sinead Higgins

Sinead Higgins

Class of 2009, Center for Global Education

Sinead Higgins, TU-BEI visiting student from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has wholly embraced the American university culture.

From dorm life and TU's closeknit community, to sports clubs and NCAA Division I athletics, Higgins has taken full advantage of her academic year abroad at TU. From the moment she arrived on campus in fall 2007, she wasted no time and immediately got involved.

Higgins was one of approximately 100 students from Northern Ireland colleges and universities who were able to study abroad at an American university through the Business Education Initiative (BEI). The BEI is run by the British Council of Northern Ireland and is funded by the Department of Employment and Learning, and U.S. church-affiliated universities. TU is one of the select universities in partnership with the BEI, and sponsors one BEI student annually. This partnership encourages cultural diversity and awareness, and international education.

After searching through more than 100 BEI-affiliated colleges and universities, Higgins decided that she wanted to attend a university where she would be able to continue to row and have the chance to take business courses.

"Originally I had overlooked Tulsa just because there were so many colleges to look through and research," she says. "But I had been told that TU had a great rowing team and a variety of business courses for me to take."

It turns out TU was the perfect fit for her.

Higgins joined the TU Women's Varsity Crew team, which has played an integral part in her life as a new TU student.

"The rowing team has given me a lot of school spirit and makes me feel very involved in the University."

Not only has she been able to visit some of the Midwest through team travels, but she has also volunteered with TU Crew and TU Habitat for Humanity.

"It's really a great experience to be part of such a great team at TU!"

When Higgins is not rowing, volunteering, and enjoying her time on campus with friends, she's taking the opportunity to travel while in the U.S.

Higgins said that her experience as a visiting student at TU has been one that she will never forget. BEI has been a great program to work with, she says "and TU has been a university that has offered her more than she could imagine."

In fall 2008, Higgins will returned to her home school, Queens University in Belfast, to finish her last year of studies in law and politics. Not only did she take her newly acquired business skills to Northern Ireland - that will help benefit Northern Ireland's local economy - but she also took will take her TU spirit!