Addo Wityasmoro

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Addo Wityasmoro

Class of 2011

Major: Petroleum Engineering
Class: May 2011
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Orgs: Honor Society, Scholarship from Chevron, International Student Chair for Society of Petroleum Engineers, Treasurer of Asian American Student Association, Vice president, Indonesia Student Association

Addo Wityasmoro always knew that he wanted to study in the U.S. Many students from Indonesia come to North America to study, including graduates from Addo's high school in Jakarta. Initially, Addo chose the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a large (29,000) public university, where he majored in electrical engineering. However, Addo's high school friend, Malvin Hippy, came to The University of Tulsa as a petroleum engineering major.

The two shared experiences via telephone chats, and Addo decided to visit Malvin at TU.

"Malvin gave me a tour of the campus and the PE department," Addo recalls. "I was impressed by the friendliness of the students and faculty; and, of course, the PE faculty are known around the world for their expertise."

Addo decided to transfer to Tulsa. His enthusiasm for the university convinced him to apply to become a University Ambassador — a select group of TU students whose zeal for the university is contagious. University Ambassadors give university tours to prospective students and their families, showing them the campus. During the tour, ambassadors tell the prospective students why they chose TU.

"I always point out the student-faculty ratio — 11 to 1 — and remind students that means the professors always have time for you," Addo says. "Not only that, the faculty are well-respected experts in their fields of study, and that means a lot of good connections when you graduate." Addo acknowledges that in his field — petroleum engineering —multinational corporations recruit TU graduates and internships are available round the world.

He also tells them that Tulsa is a great place to be a college student — not so many activities to distract from studies, but always just enough to have something to do during study breaks. "I really like golf," he says, "and I enjoy sports. Tulsa has wonderful golf courses, and at TU, you can attend exciting varsity sports and play intramural sports too."

Addo is serving as an intern this summer in Indonesia, and previously he interned for PetroChina.

Ranked among the top 100 doctoral universities in the U.S., the University of Tulsa attracts students from around the nation and all over the world. "TU's size and the friendliness of the people make it easy to meet people from everywhere — truly, college here is a matter of sharing experiences in a great atmosphere."