Janice and Jason Kok

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Janice and Jason Kok

At first glance, it might seem that Janice Kok is simply following in the footsteps of her brother, Jason. After all, like Jason, she attended Sekolah Sri KDU High School in their hometown of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, after three years, she transferred to Cempaka High School because it was closer to home. Currently, she is attending The University of Tulsa, essentially because Jason is at TU and recommended the college to her. However, their personalities as well as their career goals diverge.

Jason describes himself as an outgoing person and Janice agrees that he is someone who knows how to get things done. For example, when he learned that TU didn't have a badminton team, he started one. The team has participated in tournaments all around the country, won championships in Oklahoma City and Houston, Texas, and been in the quarter and semi-finals of the USBDF Junior Winter International Championships held in Orange County, California in 2009. Jason, a petroleum engineering major, expects to graduate in May 2011.

Janice reveals that she is shy compared to her brother; not too shy, however, to make new friends, enjoy "real s'mores" and participate in community service. Janice signed up to volunteer with Tulsa's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) where she walks dogs and plays with cats that are waiting for adoption. She enjoys the city of Tulsa because, she says, "There is just enough to do things off campus, but not so much that you'll always be distracted."

Tulsa is centrally located in the U.S., so travel to various points in the country are easy. Janice and Jason have been to San Francisco, California, on the West Coast to New York City in the east; from Chicago (due north of Tulsa) to the southern cities of Atlanta, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee and Dallas, Texas.

After she graduates in May 2012, Janice wants to teach science to elementary kids at the American International School in Malaysia.

Jason recalls that he learned about TU from a family friend who had taken a short course in petroleum engineering here. "He told me that the PE program at TU is excellent," Jason says. "TU's PE program is a good fit for my future plans. Malaysia has a lot of oil, and the job market is excellent for petroleum engineers."

Janice has also found TU a good place to study. "My professors are always available and easy to talk to," she notes, "and I really like studying in McFarlin Library."

Both agree that TU has everything they want in a college — great professors, friendly students and the chance to balance studies with fun.