Kazakhstan Students

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Kazakhstan Students

Kazakhstan is well represented on TU's campus. Two dozen students from all parts of the nation came here on the recommendation of friends and the strong reputation of the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Of the 24 Kazakhstan students at TU, all except three are studying petroleum engineering. (Kazakhstan's oil production is expected to make it among the top 10 oil producers in the world by 2015.)

While the Kazakhstanis enjoy the advantages of studying in small class sizes with professors who are well-regarded in their fields, all were most excited by the opportunity to take a class outside their major areas of study with world-renown poet, writer and TU Professor Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

"It was so amazing to be in class with someone who is an icon in Kazakhstan," they remarked, "to actually be able to listen to him, to get his autograph and get to know him was beyond my dreams."

The students agree that, for most of them, their initial attraction to TU was due to the university's solid reputation. Once here, they found the campus beautiful, the work challenging, and the faculty always accessible and ready to help with difficult concepts.

The students say that they are like a large, close-knit family. TU's small size, though, affords each one the ability to make friends outside the "family" and to follow all their individual interests.

"Because of the university's size, you have the chance to join an organization and really develop your leadership skills," says Dias Zhurgenov, who serves as president of the Kazakhstan students.

TU encourages all students to develop the habit of giving back to the community. The TU chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers "adopted" Cleveland Middle School near the campus, and SPE members helped give the school a good cleaning. Through other organizations and campus events, all TU students have the opportunity to learn about other cultures — from the annual International Students Association Bazaar to fully engaging in the life of the campus.

"TU is a good place to studying and for enjoying all aspects of being on a university campus."

Kazakhstan Students


  • Aliya Nakpayeva, Finance, graduated May 2010
  • Tulegenov Samat, Petroleum Engineering, senior
  • Aibek Kurmanov, Geology/Geosciences, sophomore

Aktobe City

  • Yerden Zhussupov, Information Systems Technology, junior
  • Berik Urazmukhambetov, Petroleum Engineering, sophomore


  • Aliya Svyatova, Finance, sophomore
  • Aidar Svyatov, Petroleum Engineering, junior
  • Assel Irmaganbetova, Petroleum Engineering, senior
  • Gaukhar Nurgazina, Marketing, freshman
  • Galym Kulov, Petroleum Engineering, junior
  • Baurzhan Kassenov, Petroleum Engineering, MS, graduated 2010 
  • Anuav Jamabayev, Finance, junior
  • Dias Zhurgenov, Economics, junior


  • Almas Kuandykov, Petroleum Engineering, senior


  • Alibek Abilou, Petroleum Engineering, senior


  • Zhandos Jilkaidarov, Petroleum Engineering, Graduated May 2010


  • Anton Skopich, Petroleum Engineering, MS, graduated 2011


  • Daniyar Gabdullin, Petroleum Engineering, sophomore