Jose Moreiras

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Jose Moreiras

As a kid growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jose Moreiras said that he’d never considered becoming a petroleum engineer simply because he'd never heard of one.

"My high school counselor recommended that I look into it, and I did," he recalled.

After exploring the field, Jose chose to attend The University of Tulsa, which is home to the internationally renowned McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering. Pursuing a PE degree, however, was not the only thing that attracted Jose to TU.

"The size of the university was important for me," he said. "I came from a small high school, so I already knew the advantage of being able to really know your teachers."

School size and an excellent reputation for producing outstanding petroleum engineers around the world were important deciding factors for Jose — but so were NCAA sports.

"I'm a big fan of basketball and football, as well as soccer," he said. "So, TU had everything I wanted in a university."