Rachael Swopes

titan student profile

Rachael Swopes

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

Rachael Swopes is in her fourth year in the University of Tulsa Clinical Psychology PhD program. Her research interests broadly focus on interpersonal violence and treatment evaluation. Under this broad umbrella, she is currently interested in the effects of previous trauma on subsequent risky and disruptive behaviors, as well as effective interventions in this field. Her interests focus on serving child and adolescent trauma-exposed populations. In addition, she is interested in the effects of trauma on parenting.


There are several specific TITAN studies that Rachael is currently involved in. First, Rachael is working with a local domestic violence agency to evaluate the effectiveness of a 52-week court-mandated treatment program for offenders of intimate partner violence. This study is also examining the role that childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress, and emotional intelligence play in regulating adult aggression. Second, Rachael is the primary investigator for a pre-post treatment evaluation of a gender-specific, integrated treatment that targets trauma exposure and substance use in incarcerated women. This project will not only provide an effectiveness study of a new treatment, but is also serving as the basis for Rachael’s doctoral dissertation. Finally, Rachael is part of a research team planning a clinical investigation of Exposure, Relaxation, and Rescripting Therapy for Children, a child adaptation of a cognitive-behavioral treatment for trauma-related nightmares in adults.


“My work with TITAN has been rewarding both professionally and personally, and has offered me countless opportunities to take real action against violence and traumatic stress in our community.”