Susan Drevo

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Susan Drevo

TITAN Graduate Student Member

Susan is a first year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at The University of Tulsa.  Susan’s research interests lie at the intersect of trauma and risk taking behaviors (e.g., substance abuse), and how these lead to health and psychological consequences.

Susan is currently assisting the Mitigating Effects of Sexual Assault study, funded by the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology grant, under Dr. Joanne Davis.The purpose of this grant is to ameliorate the trajectory for recent sexual assault survivors.A brief video-based intervention has been examined and has suggested improvement in post mental and physical health problems related to the assault.Further, this project is investigating genetic markers that may predict vulnerability to posttraumatic stress disorder.As part of OCAST, Susan’s role is to assist with the genetic data analysis.

"I’m thrilled to be afforded so many valuable opportunities through TITAN!I look forward to expanding my knowledge base through interdisciplinary efforts, and academic and community teamwork.”