Wyndham: “You will always be my boys”

Josiah Chatfield, troops in the field during World War IPerry Douglas Erwin served in the 9th Field Artillery during World War I as a lieutenant. The McFarlin Special Collections hold 173 letters to and from Erwin that poignantly depict the thoughts of those who missed their soldier — spouse, parents, sisters — and the soldier who yearned for home.

Margaret Wyndham, Alumni and ProfessorOne of Erwin’s correspondents was Margaret Wyndham, a Henry Kendall College former student and a professor of speech arts. She sustained a prolific habit of writing Erwin and his wife, Vivian, and several other Kendall students in the service. Her letters to Erwin mention her correspondence with “her” boys in France—Ivan, Spud, Harry Miller and others. In one letter, she tells Erwin how the Spanish flu has completely shut down Tulsa and the college. In another, she expresses her desire to visit those stationed at Ft. Sill, but then explains everyone must “save, save, save.”