Science opens many doors

The field of science encompasses a wide offering of degree plans and programs that appeal to students of all ages and backgrounds. From the practical methods and formulas of natural science to the academic study of human behavior in social science, TU invites students to discover the vast possibilities of science.

Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Tulsa’s mission institutes a foundational liberal arts education in all of its students.

scienceThe Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences encourages students to pursue a liberal arts degree through one or more of the following science options:

• History
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sociology

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities at TU was established in 2014 to explore what it means to be human – individually and collectively, as products of history and shapers of the future. TU faculty members serve as fellows to collaborate with students and the community on humanities-based projects.

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

scienceThrough the development of effective problem-solving skills and creative ingenuity, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences provides a technical education founded on sound engineering curriculum and real-world applications.

Students gain the knowledge and experience to launch successful engineering and science careers in domestic and international markets.

Among many technology, engineering and mathematics majors, the college offers the following science options:

• Biological Science
• Chemistry and Biochemistry
• Geosciences
• Computer Science

College of Health Sciences

scienceTU’s new College of Health Sciences will begin operations in January 2015 to further opportunities for students and faculty while improving the wellbeing of Oklahomans.

The college will house the following existing TU programs:

• Nursing
• Athletic Training
• Exercise and Sports Science
• Communication Disorders

Faculty from the TU School of Community Medicine will join the college in support of the university’s strong partnership with the Laureate Institute for Brain Research.

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