Cherokee Nation Foundation establishes $1 million endowment at TU

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cherokee students planning to pursue higher education at The University of Tulsa are now eligible to obtain additional funding through a newly established $1 million endowment.

Through a 2-to-1 matching program by TU, the Cherokee Nation Foundation's $333,334 gift was amplified to create the endowment.

"Education has always been a priority for the Cherokee people," said Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. "It is the most valuable asset we can give our children, and we are blessed to work with yet another outstanding university that shares our passion for education."

Cherokee Endowment AnnouncementThe scholarship will be awarded to select Cherokee Nation students who show exemplary leadership qualities in their communities and are eager to use their education to serve their tribe. The funds may be used to pay for books, housing expenses, fees, tuition and other academic expenses.

"This step is the latest in a long and proud association between TU and the Cherokee people," said TU President Steadman Upham. "We are especially honored that our alumni are well represented within the tribe's leadership. These leaders provide strong models for the scholars who will benefit from this fund. The step we take today allows new generations to build upon our work and create greater prosperity and achievement that benefit us all."

The funds were part of an estate donation made to the Cherokee Nation Foundation honoring Cherokee citizen Martha Redus. Her generous contributions continue to support the foundation's mission to provide higher education assistance to Cherokee citizens.

"This partnership furthers our commitment to Cherokee students and their dreams of higher education," said Robin Ballenger, Board President of Cherokee Nation Foundation. "With generous support from loyal donors such as Martha, we are able to continue to invest in opportunities for our youth, knowing that their generation's success will become our greatest accomplishment."

Mona Chamberlin