TU offers nationwide AP training institute

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More than 900 teachers are collaborating on the TU campus.

The University of Tulsa is currently hosting a diverse group of more than 900 teachers from across the country for its 17th Annual Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institute. The three-week series of conference workshops provides support and training for pre-AP and AP teachers. This year’s conference includes educators from 10 states and the countries of Panama, South Korea, Colombia and Canada.

Participants collaborate with peers and consulting with certified instructors on teaching content and techniques. TU AP Director Frances Najera and the TU Division of Lifelong Learning staff organize and administer the conference. All consultants are certified by the College Board.

“Our mission is to create an institute without any guess work, so that high quality instruction is given,” Najera says. “Our participants can return to their schools rejuvenated and excited to teach.”

In partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the AP Summer Institute fulfills the College Board requirement that all teachers who offer courses for AP credit receive training and ongoing professional development. Educators who do not instruct AP courses also are welcome to attend.

“The institute endows teachers with higher quality teaching techniques, valuable resources and new hope,” Najera says. “By bringing teachers from across the country and from other countries, teachers have a chance to learn from one another.”

Conference organizers say the program aligns with TU’s mission of service while supporting Oklahoma schools. Many of TU’s students enroll with AP credit, contributing to the quality of the student body.

This year’s conference offers continuing education training in 20 subjects such as English literature, art history, pre-AP math for high school and middle school students and chemistry.

The AP Summer Institute continues through July 25. For more information, please contact Najera at frances-najera@utulsa.edu.

Gail Ellis