Materials Research Group

Welcome to the University of Tulsa's Materials Research Group website. The Materials Research Group is made up of faculty and students from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering with research interests in the broad field of materials science and engineering.

The group includes 8 faculty members and about 20 graduate students and holds a weekly group meeting where the graduate student members and guest speakers present their research results. This site serves as a resource for the group members by providing schedule and contact information for the group.

Our Faculty Researchers 

Daniel Crunkleton
Specialization: solid oxide fuel cells and sensors, nano-materials, computational fluid dynamics, applied mathematics
Laura Ford 
Specialization: chemical vapor etching of metals and photovoltaics, temperature-programmed desorption, reflection-absorption infrared spectroscopy, ultra-high vacuum surface science

Parameswar Hari
Specialization: Characterization of glassy and amorphous semiconductors, Conductivity and mobility of thin film semiconductors, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) techniques, Infrared laser ablation studies of materials

John Henshaw
Specialization: Materials Engineering, Engineering Design, Composite Materials, Recycling of Engineering Materials, Alternative-Fuel Transportation, and Human Powered Vehicles
Saibal Mitra 
Physics of Electronic Devices, Materials Growth and Characterization, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Nanomaterials, Semoconducting Materials, Materials Physics
Dale Teeters
Specialization: Physical Chemistry, Polymer & Surface Chemistry, Nanobatteries, Nanotechnology
Steven M. Tipton 
Specialization: Fatigue Design Analysis, Multiaxial Fatigue, Fracture Analysis, Mechanical Design, Stress, Strain and Plasticity Analysis, and Materials Science