University & Community Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates
  • Lara Foley - Sociology

    Dr. Foley is an associate professor of Sociology and the Director of Tulsa Global Scholars. Her scholarly interests include gender, medicine and law.

  • Lynn Clutter - Nursing

    Dr. Clutter is an assistant professor of nursing at the University of Tulsa. Her scholarly interests include unintended pregnancy, attachment, adoption, children’s pain assessment, and student test anxiety.

  • Benjamin Peters - Communications

    Dr. Peters, Assistant Professor, University of Tulsa, Communication Department. A broad-minded scholar and Slavic specialist, he is interested in media, technology, and society, with a special emphasis on new and digital media, the history and theory of technology, and transnational comparisons in the Cold War. More about his research can be found at

  • David Brown - Education

    Dr. Brown is an associate professor of education at the University of Tulsa. As a high school teacher for 12+ years, he specializes in secondary education, practices and theory. His research interests include educational technology, teaching methodology and science and math education. At TU, he conducts K-12 summer technology programs funded through local and regional grants.


Community Affiliates