Center for Global Education

Our mission is to promote campus internationalization and prepare students for a successful professional life in today's integrated and interdependent world.

Learn Geophysics in Brazil next summer

Learn more about "Descobrindo a Terra: Exploring Geology and Geophysics in Brazil" Summer 2015 program in Brazil!

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Returnees: Enter the CGE Essay Contest 2015! Info here.  Deadline March 1st.


First Tulsa, then the World

At the Center for Global Education (CGE) we believe that study abroad is a vital part of the college experience. Time spent abroad can enrich your education, open your mind, foster appreciation and understanding of other cultures, increase confidence and improve foreign language skills. We'll work with you to find an option that fits your goals, your major, and your budget. At the University of Tulsa, we make sure that an international experience is possible for all students.

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