TU Global Scholars is a new program that focuses on the big questions affecting the world today. Do you wonder how population growth, migration, and urbanization will impact the world? What changes are we going to see in computation, robotics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology? What will it take to support a global population of some 9.3 billion by the middle of the century? What does it mean that the world is more economically interdependent? These are the types of questions that Global Scholars will be prepared to answer.

Students selected for TUGS will join a community of scholars engaged in global issues. We will foster this community in several ways. First, all TUGS students will take three Block (general education) classes that explore the big questions affecting the world today. Each class of TUGS students will participate as a group in an interdisciplinary, community engaged, experiential summer course abroad. The course for Summer 2014 will focus on issues of sustainability. Global Scholars will also study a foreign language, research, intern or study abroad, and perhaps most important, examine global issues from the perspective of their particular major. In addition, first year TUGS students will participate in a weekend retreat during the fall semester where they will be introduced to the “big ideas” that are a focus of the program. This retreat will also give students the opportunity to get to know classmates in the program as well as faculty affiliated with TUGS. TUGS students will also have the opportunity to live in an international living community with students from all over the world. There will be monthly programs consisting of guest speakers, field trips, and discussion about current global events. Global Scholars will be eligible for up to $10,000 in travel scholarships during their time in the program. There is no cost beyond TU tuition (including one summer course) to participate in the program.

Today’s global marketplace demands that job applicants be able to demonstrate adaptability, cross-cultural sensitivity, and independence. The TUGS program will give students multiple opportunities to study and/or work abroad and will guide students in how to articulate the lessons they learn and skills they develop in a way that will demonstrate to potential employers the value of the study abroad experience, language acquisition, and an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on global issues.

Students admitted to the TUGS program will be chosen by a committee made up of faculty from all three undergraduate colleges at TU. Students will be selected based on academic credentials, letters of recommendation, and essays describing experience and/or interest in global issues.